Introduction of Dept.

Dept. of Medical Record & Health Information Management 

Welcome to the Dept. of Medical Record & Health Information Management, 

 The goal of our department is to educate the highest qualified registered record administrators, whose liscense is one of the health care professionals. 

 The liscense of registerd record administrator is regulated and got by the law of paramedical technicians and others.

The law defines the role of the registered record administrator as follows.

 "Registered record administrator is responsible for keeping, managing and identifying the medical related records and informations including classification of diseases & procedures, analysis of the medical practice, statistical analysis of the health care results, tumor registry, medical record transcription and others.

Registered record administrators could easily get live medical information through the medical records on which all the information about the patient's diseases and doctors' practice appear and with this strong advantage, we could work on various work settings like health records management, medical record analysis, statistical analysis, cancer registry, providing management information for the hospital, department of insurance claims and reimbursement, private insurance companies, designing and developing EMR, data analysis, consulting, computer programming and others.

 And we could also enter the graduate school of medical speciality easily.

Health care fields are now undergoing rapid change into specialization, computerization and open society.

 As EMR era is opening, registered record administrators could take leading roles as health information managers and there are increasing demand for the registered record administrators on the work site. 

As a unique one and for the first time in Korea, and furthermore as the national university(not private), we are very proud of providing the best qualified education for the students whose goal are to become registered record administrators. And the courses are best adjusted according to the on site demand.


Registered record administrators 


Health informatin manager, 

International cancer registrar

Internet information retriever, 

Information Processor

other information related certifications

Employeement and Career Opportunities

health information management department,

medical record department, Insurance department,

Government agency Insurance company, 

Bank, General company,

Health related venture, Pharmaceutical company,

Other fields where medical knowledges are necessary 

◎ Curiculum of Dept. of Medical Record & Health Infomation Management

■ This course is given from 2003 year (revised as of 2005.6)

■ This course is given from 2006 year